Where’s my groove?


I’ve been gone awhile.  Don’t have any reason why.  Not sure if folks read this or not.  Admittingly this is my own gallery of self indulgence.  But I like to share, so here are some of my latest.  Recently joined a group on Facebook called Bash Your Scrapbook Stash.  It’s a closed group, but if you’re sincerely interested in getting creative and using what you have, drop me a line.  I’ll “invite” you to the group.  There are weekly challenges and prompts if you need incentive to create or a push.  And the ladies are really supportive and nice.

I’ve set my own “Bash” challenge for myself.  GET the photo’s that are already printed and stashed into an album.  I’ve noticed after cleaning and organizing my studio, there were totes, envelopes and bins with photos.  Pretty sure these were pulled out to work on at crops and retreats.  But those days are back in Texas, and my cropping is done here at home these days.  These are a few of the band pictures I have printed.  They’re from Erin’s freshman year in highschool…. yeah I’m “behind”.

These pictures I printed with the intention of putting them in my mother in laws thank you card.  But sadly, she’s coping with Alzheimer’s.  She has good days and bad days.  Some days she remembers each and every single grandchild, their name, age, school grade.. other days not so much.  On the day of Erin’s graduation/open house, Betsy found a large scrap of my scrapbook paper and intended to start taking notes, so she could remember the day.  She also jotted down family address’s.  This is where fellow scrappers suck in their breath in horror (hee hee, scrapbook paper for note paper!)  Alas, I know she will misplace that paper.  So she’s getting this simple mini album from the day.  It will have the “facts” and simple journaling.  And I need to get it done pronto quick!  This is where that *bash* group is coming in handy.

I’m making pretty good time.  My sister in laws have the hard job of daily living with Betsy.  They take such good care of Betsy, making sure she has outings, taking care of her meds/over all health and keeping her busy.  In the mean time, I’m making a concentrated effort to make sure these special memories get documented for her to enjoy at home.  So no more chatter.  I have work to do!


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