It’s finally finished!  This little project became addicting.. I didn’t want to stop.  I kept opening boxes, drawers and storage looking for trinkets and broken bits to add to it.  Mannequin1

Some of these bits are from my scrap booking stash, but others are broken brooches, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.  Others are little treasures my children and friends children brought to me.  For example the double row of rhinestones is a bracelet that my girlfriends three daughters found and HAD to get for Miss Shaunery.  It reminds me of the friends and “family” we made while stationed in Maine.  Mannequin3

Other pieces are the rhinestones from a broken brooch.  When my daughter did pee wee cheer, I often wore a large brim hat to protect me from the Texas sun.  I also decorated the hate with a hat band in school colors and extra cheer mom bling!  Sadly the jewelry didn’t hold up long but I held on to the bits.


Other pieces are just new or random but they give me joy.  Like the trim around the bottom.  Simple metal “ribbon” from my local Hobby Lobby store back in Texas.  It’s been distressed and aged but glad I held onto that little hoard. This was such fun to make.  I’m now eyeing a bigger mannequin form at Hobby Lobby.  I’m thinking of ways to pad the entire form, cover with fabric and to be able to pin and unpin my favorite brooches.  Well, we’ll see what happens.  Thanks for sharing this journey with me.  It’s been fun to make and share!


It’s All About Accessories

IMG_1403[1]We are in the home stretch!  Found some more junky goodness in my mess, ‘er stash!!  Valuable lesson learned, put the cap on!  I managed to knock over my beloved bronze distress paint and nearly depleted the entire bottle!!  But it’s on my shopping list so I won’t forget!

IMG_1404[1]This is a vintage button that I LOVE and been hoarding, waiting for the perfect project to add it to.  It has a shank that is way too heavy to clip off, so I packed the negative space with some “snot dots”.  Okay they’re better known as  therm-o-web Zots.  I used the dimensional (pop up) dots.  Then I pushed the button down hard onto the figure and quickly pulled it back off.  It left an indention where the shank hit, so I used my X-acto blade and made a small hole.  After that, I applied liquid glue around the dots and on the shank and popped the button into place.  (Yup, used those fancy rubber bands to hold it in place while drying.)  Some of these little do-dads & rhinestones were brads so I took my little clippers and snipped the back off for easier application!


I think I’m near finished!!!  I’ll probably dick around with it a little more, tweaking here and there but for the most part it’s done!  Last step is to mount it to my “vintage” candle stick holder and find it a home in my studio!  This has been fun.  Thanks for following this journey.  Next time, the finished project!  🙂