Patina Practice


The experimentation continues.  Recently picked up some cool new products by Pentart.  A rust effect powder, a gold patina effect powder and three of their reagent liquids that create the different patinas.  I originally applied the rust effect powder to the mannequin while my Glue n Seal was wet.  Once it dried completely I brushed some of the reagent liquid on.  Nothing happened.  Did some research, and it appears I picked up the wrong set of reagent liquids.  Turns out there are several sets, one for the rust, one for gold and such.  I went back grabbed some gold patina powder and educated myself some more.


Turns out I needed some gesso as a base for my powders.  Well phooey, I didn’t really want to cover up all the TH tissue paper.  What would happen if I dry brushed some gesso on?  I dry brushed some gesso on and then with a blush brush, applied some of the gold pigment powder.  Hmmmm looking better. I allowed it all to dry again.  In the mean time, I grabbed some manila tags, prepped each with gesso, then each of the powders.  One in rust, the other in gold.  Once they dried, I applied the reagents on them.  Nothing appeared to happen.  Well what am I doing wrong?  Re-read directions and decided I should “drizzle” the liquid directly onto my mannequin and skip the brush.


Nothing seemed to “happen” after it all dried.  Still didn’t quite have the effect I was seeking so, I busted out my Perfect Pearls, in bronze, mint, patina and copper.  I squirted more reagents on and then brushed my pearls on.  I like how they stuck to the wet streams of reagent.  It’s time to walk away, let everything set up and cure.  I’ll come back and create a chipboard base to adhere the mannequin to the candle holder.  Then move onto the embellishment phase.

Thanks for stopping by!  Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement.  Now go play, get messy and create.  If it makes you happy, you’ve done well!!


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