Day late… not bad.


Challenges and prompts.. are kinda my favorite thing.  Lately I’ve been on a Unity Stamp kick.  The stamps are fun, detailed and perfectly sized for most of the projects I like to work on.  Last week Unity challenged us with a kraft & red color theme.  OH YEAH.  These challenges are perfect because I usually add my own “twist”.  Like do the challenge but only use the clutter, scraps and chaos on my desk.    So “Java Friend” was already out.  And there were some Ranger kraft tags waiting to be put away….  and well this little tag was created.  If you enjoy Unity check out their facebook show & tell page here 


Another fun prompt I worked on this week was a chick, bunny themed pocket card swap.  The goal was to create a blank journal card and a matching tag.  Oh tags are sooo much fun.  But the challenge was I don’t really own any chick or bunny stamps.  So I tried digital stamps.  These cuties are by a woman on Etsy.  I wasn’t expecting them to be already colored but it was okay.  After resizing them to my needs,  I printed them and set to fussy cutting them out.   The Prima papers were just right for showing the little bunny off.  The only foreseeable problem is my printer is inkjet, so if these cuties get wet… they’re going to smear.  So be advised, use a laser-jet or color photo copies at your favorite copy store if you’re going to add an mixed media elements to your work.

Three day weekend for the girls starting now, so time to get back to the real world.  Thank for stopping by!  🙂



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