Bumpy Starts..

There I was all gun ho on a new blog, filled with good intentions of being dedicated and attentive.  Yeah, well I am consistent at least.  Spent the last week getting the eldest registered and ready for her Junior year at a new school.  Will spend next week doing the same for the youngest.  In between, school shopping, family reunions, family time, parent meetings, well checks and your day to day living stuff.  BEFORE all the crazyiness started I did finish one itty bitty project.  I’ve been following another blog: Tammy Tutterow and her tutorial series; Background Basics; Medicine Cabinet Mixed Media.   They are fabulous.  I’ll admit, I’m still hung up on the first tutorial; Toothbrush Painting.  I love this technique and the more I play, the closer I get to obtaining the look I desire.  I absolutely love the look of old metal distressed with aged peeling paint, you see it on buildings and equipment.

IMG_7362 IMG_7654Here are my creations using Tammy’s techniques and tutorial.  It was fun to play and get messy.  Thanks for reading!


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